AAMU J.A.R.S. promotes a better world, connected through ANIME!!!!

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Who the HELL do you think we are!? We are J.A.R.S.! Japanese Anime Research Society! We are a group of friends united to spread anime to the world!...or at least our college campus and surrounding area! Step forth and pledge your allegiance!

This one is so good I am putting the link to its review right here...up front...no excuses for not seeing this one! Click it...Click it now! V

Just a reminder to everyone that you need to send me pictures of anything you do concerning anime and such if you want it on the site! 

Join Us!!! We are now 20% cooler!

Message us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ or at our e-mail clubjars@Gmail.com!!!!!!

Alabama A&M University, Normal, Alabama

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