"Kingdom" is a pretty interesting anime and one I've been actively keeping up with as it's still ongoing. It starts out with two Chinese slaves who train with wooden swords, sparring well over 1000 times all in hopes of becoming great generals. So far this anime hasn't taken the cliche paths it really could've which gives me great hope for the rest of the series. It's still pretty cut and dry and fairly clear to see where it is going but I see hints of some future twists that ensure this will be a trip that's well worth the effort. Personally, I tire of the young upstart able to take on fully grown men (and trained soldiers and assassins at that!) and take them down but with this one it's at least understandable why the main character is as strong as he actually is. I actually had an emotional string or two tugged in the very first episode. I must also comment that the art style for this show is reminiscent of and old Playstation RPG type the Dragon Quest games on PS2. It could take a moment to get past it but it doesn't look bad it just...takes some getting used to. I give this anime 7.5 out of 10. This score may increase once it's finished if it takes the twists I expect. It's definitely worth checking out but nothing truly special just yet. - Anthony Pinkston

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